About REACH \ Leadership in Asia-Pacific


REACH is Asia's largest international wholesale carrier of combined Voice, IPL and IP data services.


  • Serves more than 400 carriers and service providers, including many of the world's largest telecommunication companies.
  • Facilitates access to over 240 countries and territories.
  • One of the world's largest carriers of international voice traffic (Telegeography).
  • Operating licenses and landing rights in most Asian markets, the US and the UK.

Source: Telegeography 2005 Report


  • For the fourth consecutive year, REACH was named Asia-Pacific's top IP backbone operator (Gartner, 2004).
  • Customer IP traffic volume has increased from 8.1Gbit/s at the start of 2003 to 26.5Gbit/s (updated September 2004).
  • REACH operates the fastest Internet gateway to Greater China with nearly 7.5 Gbit/s of capacity from our hub in Hong Kong .
  • Bandwidth volumes have increased by more than 100% over the last 12 months.
  • The REACH IP backbone network has the most intra-Asian connectivity (as highlighted in the diagram below)

  • The REACH IP backbone network is ranked the 10th best connected IP backbone in the world.
  • The REACH IP backbone network was ranked the best connected IP network centred in the Asia-Pacific region (Netconfigs, 2003).


  • Leading international wholesale carrier in Asia .
  • Operations in all major Asian markets.
  • Capacity on all major non-proprietary cable systems.
  • More Type 1 licenses than anyone else in Asia.
  • Most diversely routed IP backbone in Asia .
  • Largest commercial satellite earth station complex in Asia .


REACH is an organization that is committed to improving customer satisfaction.
The company has recently implemented a number of exciting initiatives specifically designed to improve customer service delivery and continually shape REACH into a more customer-centric organization. These initiatives include:

  • Investment in IT projects and systems to integrate our existing networks into a single unified platform. This has dramatically increased our efficiency and effectiveness, and made it easier to do business with REACH.
  • The completion of our state-of-the-art Alarm Management System which has significantly improved response times for customers.
  • The establishment of the Online Service Centre – a portal that provides customers with a direct access channel to place orders and view information about network performance, order status and more.