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Service Delivery

One of the fundamental constructs of REACH's business is that we do not compete with our customers by selling at the retail level our key focus is to work with our customers to provide tailored solutions to meet their end-users' needs.

REACH works with our customers as a team every step of the way from pre-sale discussion to post-sale support and service to ensure seamless delivery of services.

Prior to each sale, a REACH team of account managers, product managers and technical specialists meet with the customer to determine the best solutions for the customer's requirements. A dedicated Service Delivery team then begin conducting technical feasibility study based on the customer's requests. The study includes the availability and delivery lead-time of:

  • On-net capacity and equipment;
  • Local tails at both ends with local carriers;
  • Backhaul, if applicable, with third-party carriers.

Once an order is signed with REACH, a project manager will then be assigned to manage the end-to-end implementation and delivery of the requested service until the service is handed over to the customer. On behalf of REACH and the customer, the project manager manages the internal and external suppliers involved for the implementation and delivery of the ordered services. This minimises the hassle for the customer of having to deal with multiple vendors and suppliers and provides a single point of contact for all progress updates.

Once the service is delivered to the customer for testing, the customer can enjoy round-the-clock support from REACH's Technical and Network Operation Centres to monitor and maintain their services delivered over the REACH network.