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REACH supports 2 different classes of services including FR real-time and FR non real-time Allows customers to tailor the service to meet specific traffic requirements thus increasing bandwidth efficiency
Soft PVC switching Ensure services are automatically re-routed around the primary route to the backup path to provide optimum performance
Diverse cable paths and dynamic routing between REACH ATM nodes and dual access nodes Provides the highest level of resilience and diversity
Wide global Frame Relay coverage Enables carriers and service providers to extend their global coverage without heavy CAPEX investment
Supports interworking function with ATM Provides a single integrated network for smaller Frame Relay sites and larger ATM locations
Centralised network management and Global Customer Care support team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Highest service quality is maintained
Competitive Service Level Guarantee on availability, network RTD, and activation lead-time. Demonstrates REACH's commitment to quality and reliability
REACH's Online Service Center (OCS) Provides a web-based network monitoring tool for customers to view and analyse network performance data