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REACH Global Mobile Roaming Service enables mobile operators to open new revenue streams by expanding their coverage without the complexities and costs involved in establishing direct physical connections with multiple global roaming partners.

REACH has well-established, highly diversified, signalling connections to over 700 mobile operators in more than 200 countries, providing worldwide access to major GSM and PCS mobile operators.

Our products portfolio offers a range of services providing interoperability and global reach to your roaming partners. We exchange roaming messages, SMS and GRX traffic that help mobile operators to maximise their revenues while reducing their costs.

International Roaming Service
REACH offers global roaming and messaging services via our highly reliable and diverse international C7 signalling network. The SCCP service provides address translation to nearly every active mobile operators worldwide. As an carrier with significant voice and mobile application experience, we support the Signalling Transfer Point function to deliver the signalling traffic between the mobile operators.

International SMS Service
Enables mobile operators customers to send SMS to mobile networks based on their existing roaming agreement via our seamless network.

GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) Service
It is a secure, high-performance global infrastructure IP network which is MPLS service based. Via interconnection at one of the REACH’s global PoPs, GRX enables you to route GPRS traffic to a far end mobile operator with whom you have a roaming agreement. REACH offers node diversity and an array of peering partners.

IPX (Future Product)
SIP enables the delivery of converged services across multiple networks so that both basic telephony and web based services can be used simultaneously.

The uptake of IP based multimedia services in the market and the user expectations are also growing. A key challenge in achieving interworking is to ensure an efficient, high quality and cost effective delivery of IP service is delivered between all operators and across all international boundaries.

REACH participated in IPX Trials led by the GSM Association focused on defining and implementing the infrastructure enablers and services that are needed to successfully transition from the circuit switched world to the IP world.