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Rollout of New VSATi-VNO Service


October 2009

Rollout of New REACH VSATi-VNO Service

REACH's VSATi Virtual Network Operator (VNO) Service is the ideal solution for non-facilities based providers of satellite services that want to operate their own network. Based on the iDirect platform, VSATi-VNO Service allows Service Providers and Network Operators the benefit of controlling their own VSAT network without the high cost and investment in VSAT teleport infrastructure. We provide the hub equipment, large antenna, RF systems, rack space, power supply system and 24x7 monitoring and service assurance.

VSATi-VNO Service allows multiple VNOs to operate on the same chassis, but retain the ability to manage and operate their own networks through system partitioning and separate network management capabilities. Each VNO's traffic is entirely segregated for constant visibility and control.

A VNO utilizes network space and facilities within REACH's teleport infrastructure. This service is essentially isolated from the resources used by other service providers and can be remotely configured and managed by the VNO. This allows a VNO to offer highly competitive broadband IP services anywhere, without a significant upfront investment or risk.

REACH has established gateway teleports at Sydney and Perth in Australia, and Hong Kong, providing access to a wide range of satellites with beam coverage right across the Asia - Pacific region.

Satellite services can be provisioned with either IP or VPN access with local tail connections for seamless interface with terrestrial networks.

Round the clock technical support and customer care ensure high service reliability and business continuity for all REACH satellite service customers.

Service Features:

  • Commission, control and monitor your own remote sites
  • Deliver end user broadband speeds of up to 9 Mbps
  • Ensure your network traffic is 100% separate from others
  • Provide custom QoS service levels and definitions
  • Support applications like VoIP, video and private networks
  • Pay only for the capacity you need
  • Design and configure your own IP addressing scheme
  • Easily expand your service capacity as you build customer demand

Service Support:

  • 24x7 manned operation support at REACH Teleports
  • Fully restorable / non pre-emptible service priority

Teleport equipment redundancy / un-interruptible power supply

For more details, please contact us at:


Hong Kong   +852 2983 3898
Australia       +612 8289 0116