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REACH's Satellite Private Lease Service provides an end-to-end managed satellite solution for international and regional voice, data and Internet service applications between two locations at speeds ranging from 64kbit/s to 45Mbit/s and beyond. These services can be provided on a wide range of satellites in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and the Pacific Ocean Region (POR).

Satellite Private Lease Service is an ideal solution for establishing point-to-point links and is offered through REACH's teleports in Australia and Hong Kong, with seamless interfaces with REACH's terrestrial services for a completely integrated connectivity solution.

This solution is based on a bilateral arrangement between a REACH teleport and a distant-end carrier teleport for fully-managed end-to-end satellite IPLC service applications. Solutions will normally also include a distant-end local loop managed by the partner carrier. REACH will manage the circuit and, depending on the region, can provide One-Stop-Shop (OSS) arrangements that include single end ordering, billing and support.

Our customers value the ease, flexibility and reliability of our bilateral or fully-managed end-to-end solutions via our teleports in Hong Kong and Australia which are co-located at major REACH network nodes with convenient access to the entire range of REACH network services.

REACH Satellite Private Lease Service interfaces seamlessly with REACH's voice, terrestrial International Private Line (IPL) and Internet access services to provide completely integrated solutions for our customer's international connectivity needs.