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REACH's unique teleport services offer satellite operators and satellite service providers a comprehensive solution to their uplinking, downlinking and telehousing requirements. REACH has established Asia's largest commercial teleports with more than 35 operating antennas at our teleport sites in Hong Kong and Perth and Sydney in Australia. Our teleport facilities are strategically positioned at REACH's major Asia-Pacific network nodes to leverage our extensive investment in cable capacity around the globe and make REACH the ideal partner for your teleport service requirements in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Customers can have their own satellite platforms telehoused at REACH's teleports and have immediate access to REACH's robust Internet backbone and global fibre network. With 24x7 monitoring and operations support provided by a team of experienced operating and engineering staff, satellite operators and satellite service providers find REACH's teleport solution a flexible and effective tool to deliver high quality satellite services to their customers.

We provide a complete suite of Satellite Teleport Services including:

  • telehousing
  • teleport uplink, downlink and turnaround
  • operations support
  • teleport + Internet access/other ground segment