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Satellite Teleport Solution

  • All REACH antennas have access approvals from the relevant satellite operators
  • Each teleport site has both circular and linear polarization antenna restoration capabilities as appropriate.
  • 1:N auto-switched redundancy with N=2 for wide band RF subsystems except N=4 for Klystron HPAs
  • 1:N auto-switched redundancy where N=4 for up and down chains
  • 1:N auto-switched redundancy for modulators and demodulators where N=8 for services up to 2Mbit/s and N=4 for services above 2Mbit/s
  • REACH teleports employ SDH rings with physical diversity for terrestrial backhaul.
  • REACH holds sufficient spares for all critical and consumable items
  • REACH teleports employ full redundancy in UPS and diesel generator systems and have physical diversity in their commercial power system feeds.
  • All antennas have conservative wind speed ratings for normal operations and survival situations to minimize the risk of service interruption
  • REACH teleport sites employ adequate buffer zones for protection against man-made noise