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Added Services

Added Services
To complete REACH's service offerings end to end, we offer a range of added services that can be bundled with all REACH products to meet customers' individual requirements.

Local Loop
Through long-standing working relationships with all the major carriers in the Asia-Pacific region, UK and US, REACH is able to provide local loop services at competitive prices and attractive service options to more than 15 countries and territories. REACH has close working relationship with more than 40 local loop carriers, giving customers comprehensive coverage.

The REACH points of presence are located at carrier-neutral sites and carrier hotels that provide customers with choices in local loop carriers in most markets.

REACH customers can access a comprehensive local loop pricing estimator with budgetary local loop pricing and detailed carrier information through REACH's Online Service Centre, a customised Web-based tool that allows customers to monitor and manage their services with REACH.

Managed CPE
REACH's Managed CPE service is a leasing arrangement of IP-based hardware equipment provided by REACH. The equipment is installed at the customer site and maintained by REACH.

REACH's Managed CPE service includes a suite of plug-and-play options.
Customers can connect directly to REACH's extensive global network accessing
services such as IPL, ATM, FR, Internet Access, IP-VPN and Satellite at a single point.

The REACH Managed CPE service is available for bundling with other REACH products at the following locations: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand, UK, US and Vietnam.

REACH manages our own backhaul networks in a number of key international markets, including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and US. Through the use of our own backhauls, REACH can provide interconnected services between various submarine cable systems, satellite earth stations, and regional points of presence (PoPs). This allows faster deployment of services and greater control of the network.

REACH has interests in more than 40 submarine cable and international satellite systems, giving customers a large selection of systems for high resilience and extensive coverage.

REACH's backhaul networks economically extend the service coverage for all of REACH's core products and provide REACH customers true on-net coverage.